Monday, March 07, 2005

Who'll Be the Lucky Winner!

Drudge reports that a blogger will be admitted in the White House Press Corps. It doesn't say if it's a day pass like Gannon has.

Maybe I'll call up and see if I can get in!

UPDATE: Oh please! I never even heard of these N00Bs. This is nothing but a further example of meida self-congratulatory circle-jerkery. This site appears to be nothing more than a temp agency and/or Moose Lodge for journo good-ole-boys. (Notice, however, this doesn't stop the NYT from calling these people bloggers, setting up for themselves another strawman they can feebly knock down.) Instapundit, LGF have much higher traffic and have put a much bigger dent in the body politic. Where the hell is their press pass? Not that they'd even need one. In the 21st century, news is made on the field with real-time reports and digital photos, not by getting pre-prepared quotes from Scott McClellan.


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