Friday, March 04, 2005

When Nerds Relax

How did I spend a friday night after a long week's work? By correcting Simpsons' trivia on IMDB, of course.

IMDB trivia for The Simpsons said that Springfield is supposedly both 678 miles from Mexico City and 2,653 miles away from Orlando, Florida. However, it is impossible for both of these facts to be true, since the radius of the distance from Mexico City would be wholly contained by the radius of the distance from Orlando--i.e., there is no possible intersecting point. If Springfield is 678 miles from Mexico City, then in order to be a part of the Continental U.S., Springfield could only be in Texas, south of Austin.

I learned how to make these calculations from a webpage about geographic two-dimensional trilateration on this site's information about GPS receivers.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Tom said...

Even more troubling is that half of Springfield is in Puerto Rico. At least it was for a little while.


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