Friday, February 25, 2005

Internet Bunny Blackmail

This guy raises some interesting questions. Note that he's holding the rabbit blackmail for $50,000.00, and has already raised $15,000.00.

The tiny libertarian who sits one my left shoulder says "Let him threaten to kill the poor bunny. He's only harm an unconscious creature and parting fools from their money."

Then the tiny social conservative on my right shoulder says "He's threatening to kill an animal, for no good reason, which has some worth in God's scheme of things. Any money he's getting is by duress. Even by objectivist standards of that dead old hag you fawn over, this guy is a 'second-hander' living off the resources of other people, by threats of force."

Then the little libertarian says "You tedious little prick! This guy will encourage a hundred guys do that a hundred times. Then the effect is gone, all without any legislative oversight into the internet or our cooking habits."

Then the little social conservative says "You near-sighted, bomb throwing anarchist! That kind of jadedness will only up the ante on what people will do for money. Next, pregnant women will threaten to abort their kids for payoff money. Meanwhile, those who actually value life will pay through the nose to stop it. It's a transfer of resources from the virtuous to the malicious."

And that's about as far as the conversation proceeds before I scream "Get out of my mind!!" and crawl into fetal position under the desk. That's what you get for trying to think without caffeine.


At 7:52 PM, Blogger Final Historian said...

"Next, pregnant women will threaten to abort their kids for payoff money. "

Crap, that actually scared me when I read. I can actually see someone doing that. Is it a sign of the times, or am I losing it?

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Pixy Misa said...

There's a very simple solution to this sort of problem that you are missing. It fits in perfectly with both your libertarian and your social conservative shoulder angels.

It is this: Kick him in the nuts. Find him, and kick him in the nuts.

Justice is served.

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