Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cut off His Bar Tab, Throw his Coat Outside, and Call Patrick Swayze if He Still Won't Leave

Maurice Hinchey is no longer fit to be a member of Congress.

His rhetoric has cease to be merely partisan and now borders on paranoid delusion. Despite garnering some headlines or applause from the DU/Kos axis, Hinchey is going to be marginalized and may not win the 2006 primary, let alone a challenge against a Republican.

Th real question now is what his own party is going to do about him. The Democratics are heavily in need of some inter-party discipline. It's quickly becoming the party known for wild conspiracy theories and genetic hatred for anything and anyone conservative or patriotic. Granted, it's common for a minority party to demonize the opposition. To this day, there are many conservatives who consider it undeniable that the Clintons had Vince Foster killed. But with the 21st century Dems, a unique phenomenom is occurring: They're conspiracy theories are becoming their platform. Their moonbats are becoming the party's ruling class, leaving sensible Democrats with nowhere to go but right.

The Democratic leadership needs to make an example of Hinchey. The best they can do is move to expel him from Congress. Also redeeming would be to give him Jim Traficant treatment: deny him any committee seats and disown him from any meaningful role in Congress.

Of course, this won't happen. Even already, the Dems are slow to recognize his behavior. We've seen this play out before; First the blogs speak out, then Drudge, then Fox News, then everybody in the media, then Republicans speak out, while the Democrats put the head in the same hole in the sand they reserve for islamofascism threats.

If this keeps up, they'll be nothing left for the Democrats to build on. If the Republican show weakness, and some charismatic Democratic neo-JFK comes along, he'll lose even in the primary stages by not placating the insane prejudices of moonbats now drunk on power. However, this process may be inevitable. The entire liberal/democratic ideology is based, in one form or another, on reality-aversion. They've worn out the patience of the American people, and after decades of being high on socialist utopian fantasy, their Dems are now starting the DTs.


At 8:41 AM, Blogger C.Y. said...

Very, very nice article. He's my congressman, and hopefully, that'll change if this blogger has anything to say about it.

He the guest speaker for a pro-terror group today in New Paltz, NY. I talka bit about it on my site if you want to see more.

BTW, I love the Roadhouse reference...


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