Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fischer Lashes Out Against Three-Dimensional, Non-64 Square Reality

Although missing for years, World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has popped up over the past decade. He should've kept himself hidden. Fischer's sanity and rhetoric has deteriorated to a point somewhere between pity and disgust. The guy is so unhinged and vitriolic against the U.S. he makes Ward Churchill look like Brit Hume.

Fischer popped up in 1992 to play a rematch between Boris Spassky. The problem? It was in Serbia/Montenegro, which at that time, was run by a genocidal maniac. Not only did Fischer play anyway, he openly dared the U.S. to try and catch him. He was subsequently indicted by a grand jury with charges that could lead to 10 years jail time, and was on the lamb for twelve years after in parts unknown.

However, according to the UK Daily Telegraph between 1999 and 2005, he was been a regular caller/interviewee in a Filipino radio show. His calls consisted the most anti-American, anti-Semitic rants ever uttered in a language not German or Arabic.

On September 11, he said the following:

"This is all wonderful news. It is time to finish off the US once and for all.

"I was happy and could not believe what was happening. All the crimes the US has committed in the world. This just shows, what goes around comes around, even to the US.

"I applaud the act. The US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians for years. Now it is coming back at the US."

The full audio is here. What he quoted above is fairly common moonbattery, but his whole tirade has to be heard to be believed. His sadistic quisling enthusiasms approaches this level.

WARNING:This, and the below links, contain profanity and racial epithets, and linked to an anti-semetic website. The full list of audios, buried deep in a pile of wacko links, is here.

His initial January 14, 1999 sums up everything you need to know about his politics, his prejudices, and his current mental state:

Bobby Fischer: This. all of these things come to less than 4000 dollars. so I was sending him 5 grand a year to take care of all this, plus giving him like a thousand dollars for his trouble. and he was paying it. But then he got the words from the dirty Jews. fuck Fischer's ass. sell his memorabilia. This was in conclusion. this was in collusion with this Bekins storage company in Pasadena. You know. what the hell am I gonna give away all of the stuff which I have taken years to accumulate and to preserve over 400 dollars. I've got 300 million dollars in Switzerland. I got dough here in Hungary. They did it all behind my back. Nobody contacted me. nothing. They didn't contact my lawyers. nothing. the fucking Jews want to destroy everything I've worked for all my life. There as no Holocaust. The Jews are liars. it's time we took off the kid gloves with these parasites.
Pablo Mercado: All right. with all of these things Mr. Fischer. what do you intend to do now?
Bobby Fischer: I intend to do what I'm doing right now.
Pablo Mercado: What?
Bobby Fischer: Which is to expose the Jews for the criminals they are, the parasites they are, the liars they are, the thieves they are, the niggers (?) they are.
Pablo Mercado: You speak like an Arab.
Bobby Fischer: .. You ask the Palestinians. I was just listening to the BBC. the horror story that come out of there when you get into an Israeli prison. the way they torture you . it's unheard of. I was listening to a Palestinian woman, a Christian woman from Palestine, not even Muslims, Christian women who were anti-Israel. They got picked up by the Israeli police, taken down to the jail, and then the Israeli police tried to get information -- Who do you know among your friends that's anti-Israel? Give us all the names of your Arab, Christian friends who are anti-Israel. When they refused, they put the women in a cell, these are mothers, these women, mostly. They put em in a cell, and then they start playing, in Arabic, on the loudspeaker, 24 hours a day, "Mommy, come home, Mommy, we miss you" in Arabic. They played it over and over again until the women just collapsed.
Pablo Mercado: All right, do you have any.
Bobby Fischer: This is the Jewish mentality. These are a criminal people. They torture their prisoners in the worst way. It's even illegal! They don't even deny it hardly. Jews were always bastards throughout history. They are liars, they are the worst pieces of shit in the world. They mutilate their own children.
Pablo Mercado: all right.
Bobby Fischer: Fuck the Jews.
Pablo Mercado: ok. you don't plan any legal moves against them? against those who sold your memorabilia?
Bobby Fischer: What is this he said?
Pablo Mercado: Legal moves, like a case in court.
Bobby Fischer: You know, the Jews control the courts. What is your name, Mr. Mercado?
Pablo Mercado: Yes, Pablo.
Bobby Fischer: Yes, the Jews. Pablo, yeah Pablo. The Jews control the courts. It's just a charade they go through. It's Facade City, you know - Facade City. I've been involved in a number of law suits in America. Never got a penny, never got a stop order, never got nothing. I've been involved in about 5 or 6 lawsuits, about 5 cases throughout the years, never got a penny, never got any property back, never got a stop order, never got nothing man. I spent a lot of money, and I have all the documents, and I have all the justice on my side. It's a joke. The United States is a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed circumcised Jew bastards.
Pablo Mercado: Bob, uhh, I have no other questions. Maybe Eugene, he has a few questions for you.
Bobby Fischer: Ya ya, Hi Eugene.
Eugene Torre: Hi Hi Bobby. Well, uhh, not much questions. I think you have expressed, uhh, quite good your side, and exposed these people, you know? *laugh*
Bobby Fischer: Hey Eugene, what's the difference between a good Jew and a bad Jew?
Eugene Torre: Yeah. What's the difference between a good Jew and bad Jew?
Bobby Fischer: The good Jew fucks you slower.
*All laugh*

(full audio here)

Silver Lining: Fischer is now being detained fo U.S. Extradiction in a Japanese prison. The Japanese penal system, shall we say, rather strict by western standards.

- You are only allowed to speak when taking a walk, and half-hour walks are only allowed three times a week. Apart from those times speaking is forbidden.

- You are usually alone in your cell and are not allowed to walk in it, to lean against a wall, to wash your face at any other time than the morning, to look out of the window, to sing or whistle, to talk to yourself, or to lie down outside of the appointed times. Playing any kind of game is also forbidden except during appointed times.

- In your work place you have to keep your eyes fixed on your hands, which have to be placed on your workbench. You cannot look right or to the left.

- You can only go to the toilet at the appointed times.

- When you move from place to place in the prison, you have to march in step. If you do not walk correctly during a recreational period, you have to spend the period marching around the courtyard.

That ought to calm Fischer down, but it might hurt his game. Give him a few months in there before extradition to the U.S. and he'll come out singing Yankee Doodle Dandy begging to enjoy his cherished Fifth Amendment rights in a plush American prison. This is assuming our Asian friends remember to fill out the paperwork. Due to Japan's marvelous absence of habeas corpus privileges, he can rot in there for years.

On a final note, Ayn Rand had this guy pegged years ago. In a 1974 letter to Spassky, deriding him for overindulging in the merit/logic based world of chess as an evasion of Soviet barbarism, she also gives the following criticism of Fischer:

Bobby Fischer's behavior . . . is a clear example of the clash between a chess expert's mind and reality. This confident, Disciplined, obviously brilliant player falls to pieces when he had to deal with the real world. He throws tantrums like a child, breaks agreements, makes arbitrary demands, and indulges in the kind of whim worship one touch of which in the playing of chess would disqualify him for a high-school tournament. Thus he brings to the real world the very evil that made him escape it: irrationality. A man who is afraid to sign a letter, who fears any firm commitment, who seeks the guidance of the arbitrary edicts of a mystic sect in order to learn how to live his life--is not a great, confident mind, but a tragically helpless victim, torn by acute anxiety and, perhaps, by a sense of treason to which might have been a great potential.

Please keep in mind the above, those under the misguided impression that Rand left no room for pity of human weakness.

(Hat tip to Skippy for find this story and for apparently preparing the transcription. It makes it so much the harder to again give a WARNING that his site has lewd/pornographic material.)

UPDATE: Whoa! Someone get grandpa his Wellbutrin!


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