Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's Like a Minstrel Show with Japanese kids!

Wow! Just caught a whiff of this on Cartoon Network. Usually there good at keeping themselves away from tweeny-bopper crap like this, unlike the Disney Channel or the fallen once-great dynasty that was Nickelodeon. (Don't get me wrong. Spongebob's great, but he seriously needs to renegotiate his contract to keep those shitty little junior high veejays from tainting his show.)

Even worse, this is anime, which is doing to animation what lead poisoning did to Rome. I remember as a kids watching Inspector Gadget, finding it mildly amusing, but clearly recognizing that it was inferior animation: cartoon drawn with rudimentary shapes with minimal movement other than their mouths. Two decades later, every cartoon looks like inspector gadget: cheap ass cartoons with still shots, blank stares and moving mouths. Jeez, at least Clutch Cargo used real mouths.

And by no means is this anti-Asian thing. Michelle Malkin agrees with me.


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