Thursday, February 03, 2005

Misleading Commercial Turns into Fraudulent Blogad

See The Ad FOX Rejected
Malone says President Bush's proposal would hurt innocent victims of
medical negligence like his son. But FOX Network won't air his message.

(My Apologies for the above. It was the best I could do with my limited HTML experience)

That ad now runs on Instapundit's right panel roll of blogads. The only problem? I saw that ad on Fox News last night! I even blogged about seeing it last night, and thought it was oddly-timed. (See 8:47pm).

The commercial had that same exact CGI looking guy was talking about, to paraphrase, how Bush wanting tort reform was tantamount to killing his baby child. That commercial-- in theory--is just as repugnant as the NAACP "dragging" ad run in the 2000 election. Granted, they could probably defend the statement on the blogad by saying that "Fox Network" means the main network and not its cable channels. Still dishonest and misleading, just like the premise of the commercial is dishonest.

UPDATE: The Puppy Blender Napoleon Dynamite Professor Reynolds sent me this ominous email:

Well, perhaps Fox ran it in response to the irresistible pressure of a
blogad on InstaPundit.

Hmmm? Sarcastic derison at misinterpreting facts? Good-Natured riveing coupled with confident self-deprecation? Disdain that a small-time blogger would waste his time? You be the judge.


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