Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Deep Blue vs. Homer Simpson

It's no longer that Republicans are playing chess, while Democrats play checkers. It's Republicans playing Six-Tiered Star Trek Chess against John Nash while Democrats keep pumping quarters into a rigged slot machine.

This LA Times article can be summed up simply by saying "Republicans are making bold moves to garner future voters, while democrats are still trying to appease old voting blocs."

Meanwhile, Howard Dean looks like a shoe-in for DNC chair. Is not a party chairman usually a quiet behind-the-scenes party loyalist who can shake hands and raise money? Instead, the DNC will be appointing a polarizing, controversial firebrand prone to contradictory statements and unseemly outbursts. His only fund-raising experience consisted of using a Paypal account to raise around $30 Million, which he uselessly pissed away.

It almost makes me wish for the days when there was a fair fight between the parties. Almost.


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