Friday, February 11, 2005


Apparently, the radiowaves I've been beaming over North Carolina have been working. Silflay Hraka saw fit to link to the post below, due to the ever so subtle mental cues in my email to him. Since this morning, links to this sight have been in the hundreds! Three-figures I tell you!!

In return (1) He's now on my blogroll, and (2) I'll keep the below promise

Watership Dune: A dissent group of rabbits colonize the desert planet Arakis and are exposed to the psycho-stimulative drug melange, which gives them power to formulate their own language and communicate with seagulls and giant sandworms. Their leader, Hazel Atreides, then wages a relentless jihad against the infamous Baron Woundwort to both seize his female does and monopolize the intergalactic spice trade.

Enough fooling around. I've got to print up more "campaign material" to ship to Ukraine.

UPDATE: My God! What have I begun!!!


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