Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wahh Wahh!! 9/11!! Give Me Money to Spend!!

Baltimore Mayor Compares Budget Pork Cuts to 9/11 Attacks

Later, Mayor O'Malley issued this statement:

Years ago, terrorist smashed a plane into the World Trade Center. They did that because that was the best way to take away what gave us pride. Today, the car company repossessed my Cadillac for failing to make my car payments. And with a tow truck of terrorism, GMAC is dragging away what gives me pride. They are impounding the very core of my being!

UPDATE: Now it's "Wahh!! Wahh!! Now the vast right wing conspiracy is targeting me for supposed infidelity, all because I demonized the President's budget plans as terrorism."

Over at FreeRepublic, one poster did indicate that blog discussed the mayor's infidelity . . . about 8 months before the current story broke! Hmmm. If I had to guess, the mayor is now using this window of opportunity to clear the air about the infidelity by blaming it on conservaive rumormongering and those damn undependable weblogs.

BTW: Get a load of the picture, too. He sure has the Bill Clinton pity look down!


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