Saturday, April 09, 2005

Obligatory Pope Blogging

Comparing John Paul II to Pius XII is unfair to both of them. (Hat Tip to Damian Penny).

Pius XII made concordants with fascist regimes only to keep Catholics from being persecuted. Otherwise, he was extremely critical of them. Hitler said that Pius XII was "the only human being who has always contradicted me and who has never obeyed me." Pius also hid thousands of Jews in the Vatican to keep them from concentration camps.

If Pius made any mistake, it was underestimating the political influence the Catholic Church could have. From the French Revolution to John Paul II, Popes have let socialists, communists and fascists wreak havoc in Europe with nothing but finger-wagging. John Paul II proved that if the Holy See denounces unjust regimes, the world will listen.

But this much idolazation of John Paul II is getting a little out of hand. They're now openly calling him "John Paul the Great". I doubt he would've approved. And if nothing else, the JPII worship makes it harder for his successor.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Tom said...

Travis Benning and I opened up a new blog, Constitution in 2021, in order to battle the assault on our Constitution by the socialists at Yale's treasonous "2020 Constitution" movement.

Would you like to join our blog?

We have already invited the all powerful Ferdinand T. Cat, The Ogre, Quilly Mammoth, and Patterico.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Protag, didn't see your handle on the C-in-2021 blog, so i assume you have not as of yet joined. interesting premise, however.

i was not aware of the 2020 movement. with such treason abounding, there will never be a lack of right-wing reaction.



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