Friday, January 21, 2005

"rather angry jewish"?

adrock2xander over at Outrageus. Beautiful. Misfit. links to me. (Just pan down; I can't find a permalink.)

He's half right. I'm half Jewish. The other half English Norman, from what I can tell. The result is extreme intelligence and love of virtue channeled into royal ambition. However, I'm also Born-Again Christian.

For those of you slow-learners: Yes, it is possible to be both Jewish and Christian. I am racially Jewish, yet Jesus is my Lord and Savior. "Jewishness" is not just a religion, but an ethnic identity of specific race who occupied specific territory at a specific point in history.

UPDATE: I've also been added to this guy's blogroll. CAUTION: If you have a low-tolerance for pornography, don't click on "more" fo his "Beauty for the Day".


At 7:03 PM, Blogger adrock2xander said...

You're most welcome Wyatt :O

I dont see many people who openly admit that they're Asia being Jew isnt much of a huge deal...i dont see any Jews being oppressed...but we all know of the situation in Europe and Americas...

Keep those anger comin...i live by this code: "Anger is Misdirected Passion"



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