Sunday, January 23, 2005

Oldie But Goody

By the way, here's an interesting article about UK/EU relations from the Washington Times circa 2000. A few money quotes:

"The liberal mind believes that a person's character can be judged by his opinions, and is fantastically intolerant," Mr. Hitchens says. "This is why political correctness is not a joke -- I always get very irritated when people make fun of it. It's actually an elaborate system to make certain thoughts unthinkable by first making them unsayable, and it does this by making opinions into a character issue.

"Therefore, if you oppose homosexual equality, you are a, quote, homophobe. If you don't buy the extreme feminist agenda, then you're a sexist."


Conservatives typically retreat in the face of such socialist criticism, he says. "Conservatism often doesn't have any moral confidence in itself. It secretly accepts its opponents' constant claims that there is something selfish and wicked about wealth and authority."

Mr. Rearden, have you met my friend Mr. d'Anconia.


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