Monday, January 17, 2005

The Manson Murders of My Generation

Yes, I know a family of four has been brutally and mercilessly killed, for which I sadness and anger.

But you must admit, this story has it all: Grizzly slayings, an Islamofascist angle, an pro/anti immigration angle, an internet/blogger angle, "old world prejudice meets new world media." A story that encompassess all the hot-button elements of the 2000s. (Thus the title).

I'm also waiting for the first Dhimmi to come out and say something to the extent "We'll he had it coming. If that right-wing Christian nutcase hadn't been trying to force his beliefs and culture on those who held a worldview different from his, this never would've happened," and thus completely miss the significance, loathsomeness, or terror behind what just occurred.

I once was in a conversation with a person who said "I believe in tolerance towards all beliefs." Then I said "Do you tolerate intolerance?". "What?" "Do you believe in tolerating intolerance?" "No." she unctuously said. I said, "Then you don't believe in tolerance. Your intolerant of intolerant people, you bigot. Why don't you leave me alone and quit trying to force your beliefs on me!"

She failed to see the contradiction behind of her statements, and then accused me of word play and absurdity. Well, now with patently intolerant Muslims wanting to kill us all, although it's certainly absurd, it isn't just word play anymore. The only question now is how reasoned people are going to work around the "tolerance" crowd to stop these animals from destroying civilization.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is all over this story.


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