Saturday, January 15, 2005


One of the institutions which separates the civilized from uncivilized, or even humanity from animals, is the proper disposal of the dead. No matter how hated or infamous one may have been in this mortal world, the tribe or polity which hated him will dig a hole for him, or set a fire for him, and put him in there. Even those victims of a dictatorial regime, executed and placed in ovens or mass graves are . . . well, put in ovens or mass graves. Legends and literature date back thousands of years stating that they who do not dispose of their dead will have curses heaped upon them. This was no mere superstition, as a dead body left lying around is a ripe source of contagion.

That being said, I pose the question of what culture would dispose of a person in this manner?

I pity the Israelis for their duty--forced on them by the rest of the world--to babysit these troglodytes.


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